Welcome to the page of Alex Au'Dae, founder of Au'Dae, Co-founder of Ivy League Au'Dae and now Executive Board Member for the Je La Beaux Talent Agency. The Au'Dae brand is a business consulting brand. Not only does the brand provide business consulting services, but also project management, headhunting, event venue & performance procurement services as well as select strategic partnerships. The Au'Dae brand operates on a vast network consisting of professionals from different walks of life ranging from media outlets, celebrities and entertainers to entrepreneurs and dignitaries. 

In addition to offering such business services, Au'Dae and Ivy League Fatso, CEO of Ivy League Empire, decided to form a separate entity of their combined brands on the music side of entertainment, forming Ivy League Au'Dae, a U.S. based global digital distribution imprint label. But as a brand, Alex and Fatso were looking to take a different approach to the distribution market other than to distribute their own music globally for the newly formed partnership. That's when they both agreed that the overseas market was the way to go for offering distribution services. Since then the collaborative brand signed a sub-label named Estrella Records out of Mexico and another sub-label named Bryce Nation out of Zimbabwe to distribute music through Ivy League Au'Dae Distribution...

Currently as an Executive Board Member for the Je La Beaux Talent Agency, Au'Dae is assisting with several upcoming cultural events in the Houston area commemorating Houston's S.H.A.P.E. Community Center's 50th year of service to the community, kicking off the 2019 Juneteenth celebrations with the Pan-African Festival on May 25th, 2019 at S.H.A.P.E. Live Oak location in Houston, Texas which will be part of a year long celebration for the historical Houston community staple.


Ivy League Au'Dae Distribution

Ivy League Au'Dae Distribution

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