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There's the music, the music business, and the music industry. Love the first, learn the second, and outsmart the third.”

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Welcome to the page of AUDAE LLC. AUDAE LLC is a multi-platform, diversified business development brand and consulting brand with a focus in entertainment business. Other services that are offered are sync licensing opportunities, project management, headhunting, event venue & performance procurement services as well as select strategic partnerships. AUDAE LLC operates on a vast network consisting of professionals from various industries  ranging from media and film to celebrities and entertainers, entrepreneurs and dignitaries.   

Throughout the pandemic of 2020, AUDAE LLC has managed to continue to grow its roster of talented artists, songwriters, and producers as clientele. Most notably featured is Israeli rock artist JIGI. That’s pronounced as “jiggy”. JIGI is from Tel Aviv, Israel and brings an alternative rock/pop sound spin on the AUDAE LLC brand that is sure to have you tapping your feet while you shred a couple of "air rifts". Two of his singles, “NGNP” which has already reached 50,000+ views on YouTube, and “Welcome (I Miss You)” from JIGI’s forthcoming album “I’m OK” have already been distributed via AUDAE LLC’s music division. His third single titled “Make You Smile” is set to be released on July 16th. The album "I'm OK" is slated to be released later in 2020. 





JIGI has dropped single ‘Welcome (I Miss You), infusing that Alt Pop sound through this fast paced catchy piece.

Giving off that electronic style beat that illuminates in the background, adding in a lot of high-pitched effects and hard-hitting beats that keep pushing through as the rhythm begins to pick up speed and a clash on the cymbal alongside a static sound as the vocals begin to distort.

Ending it with a range of sound effects, to piercing sirens and robotic style vocals bringing in that synthesized style and combining it all together to create this infectious melody that flows alongside the vocals in a superb way." - Karley Myall - AnRFactory


From a small town to rockin' stages

JIGI came from a small city in the south of Israel. “The music scene there is super small, and I’m not even talking about the rock scene”, JIGI explains of the music market in his city. “I had to get out of there and move to Tel Aviv which is one of the biggest cities in the country. But still, the music scene around here is flooded with talented musicians that do their best to make it as artists. I spent six years writing the album because I wanted to make sure that my music not only inspires, but also allows people to fell how I feel when I listen to music – I believe music is a tool to heal the world.”


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