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Welcome to the page of AUDAE LLC. AUDAE LLC is a multi-platform, diversified business development brand and consulting brand. Other services that are offered are sync licensing opportunities, project management, headhunting, event venue & performance procurement services as well as select strategic partnerships, business marketing and analysis. AUDAE LLC operates on a vast network consisting of professionals from various industries  ranging from media and film to celebrities and entertainers, entrepreneurs and dignitaries.   

As owner of AUDAE LLC, and an Executive Board Member for the Je La Beaux Talent Agency (Houston, TX),  Alex Au'Dae assisted S.H.A.P.E. 50th's Chairperson, Jerold La Beaux with several annual cultural events in the Houston area commemorating S.H.A.P.E. Community Center's 50th year of service to the Houston community. 2019's events kicked off with the 40th Pan-African Festival on May 25th, 2019 at S.H.A.P.E. Live Oak location in Houston, Texas which was part of a year long Juneteenth celebration for the historical Houston community staple. Also through working with Sir Jerold La Beaux, AUDAE LLC assisted in creating the landing pages for shape50.com and sterlingraiders.com, two sites that will continue to be developed in stages throughout 2020. 

Aside from the business development services offered for the entertainment industry, AUDAE LLC will be opening several other company divisions moving into 2020 and beyond, expanding it's business operations to TX, CA, and NY. Some of those divisions will include a small investment branch, a global digital distribution branch that will provide publishing and licensing distribution services for SELECT acts and an educational division that will provide an internship platform for all aspects of entertainment ranging from fashion and modeling to actors and multi-talented performers. The internship platform will also cover marketing and administration opportunities, web development and design opportunities, and almost any other professional field of the entertainment industry. Some internships will be paid, and others will provide an opportunity for permanent employment placement in lieu of being a paid internship. 

There is also a non-profit foundation being developed to assist veterans. More information on the foundation to come mid to late 2020.


About The Owner

Alex Au'Dae

business as usual

Songwriter Alex Au'Dae was born in Long Branch, NJ. In the fall of 2002 his first break came when he was put in an R&B group named Thug City under the name "Lex". The group signed a distribution deal with Universal Music Group in 2003, and released their street single ".45" off the self titled album in 2004. The single gained traction quickly, and the group dropped an official radio single titled "Proposition" that same year. While a member of Thug City, Alex has performed with artists such as Big Tymers, Ludacris, Shawnna, Ne-yo, Rich Boy, and Lil Moe just to name a few before Universal released the group and it's management from it's contract.  Since then, he has not only begin self-distributing his music globally on all digital platforms, but in 2018 he also produced a Trap Dance remix of Can't Deny for international indie EDM and 2x Billboard charting artist Kim Cameron & SideFX which was released on her Greatest Hits Album the first quarter of 2018. He's currently working on a collaboration with Erik Eatraxx Nilsson and he recently started Au'Dae Allday Publishing through BMI.

In 2019 Alex was recruited by Sir Jerold La Beaux, owner of Je La Beaux Modeling & Talent Agency, to become one of the newest executive board members for La Beaux's organization. He assisted La Beaux in chairing several cultural events in the Houston, TX area during the summer of 2019. Then in early 2020, Au'Dae began taking on clients for sync placement opportunities in film/television and commercials. His first client Doug "DC" Pryor, who's influences include the likes of Earth, Wind & Fire, Led Zepplin and John Lennon to name a few, brings a sound that reaches far beyond the normal standard of genre.  More recently, Au'Dae just signed Tel Aviv, Israel rock artist, JIGI to a distribution sync licensing deal. Au'Dae will be distributing JIGI's album titled "I'm OK" beginning with his singles "Welcome" and "NGNP".  JIGI will also have his "Hey-Ya" (alt pop version) video and single distributed via Au'Dae in the coming weeks. More about this amazing artist can be found under the client press kits tab...

Lady Au'Dae Brands coming soon!!

Lady Au'Dae Brands coming soon!!

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